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Baby Pashmina

Baby Pashmina

Baby Pashmina is the finest Pashmina made from the inner portion of neck wool of high mountain goats. The raw wool is refined by hand with a small tool, that gives a very small quantity of Pashmina. The quality of Pashmina depends on the goats of different mountain altitudes, where the goats are reared. Above ten thousand feet higher mountain goats yield best quality Pashmina of less than ten micron thickness, which is considered the best possible Pashmina. Goats at such high altitudes are risky, and cannot rear in large herds due to unavailability of pasture lands. It is possible to rear goats at domestic level only. So a large quantity of Baby Pashmina grade Pashmina is not expected from that type of mountain goats.

The peculiarity of such high altitude goats Pashmina is that it gives more warmness during cold weather than normal Pashmina, though the Pashmina extracting process by hand is no different.

Baby Pashmina Products are available in the following sizes

1. Baby Pashmina Shawl  (36"/80" or 90/200cm)
2. Baby Pashmina Big Stole (28"/78" or 70/195cm)
3. Baby Pashmina Stole (24"/78" or 60/190cm)

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